Additional Services

  • 3D Animation

    It’s not just for Hollywood anymore. Thanks to computer based technology and the artistic capabilities of our in-house team, we can create 3D images suitable for video, websites or mobile apps.

  • Green Screen Capabilities

    Green Screen technology allows for unique and interchanging backgrounds that grab attention and create engagement with each distinct background. Green screen is a visually appealing and cost effective way to seamlessly blend background imagery with the person or product in the foreground.


  • Set Design & Construction

    We offer in-house design and construction of your custom set, ranging from the simple approach of a plain curtain or wall, to the more elaborate design of an office, classroom or restaurant interior.

  • Custom Photography

    Bring the same creativity in video production to still photography with Image. We help visualize your brand personality by creating unique images that will work in a range of applications from smart phones to billboards. We work within your budget and timeline and you own all of the work outright.


  • Stock Photography

    A great benefit to using stock photography is saving time and money. Stock photos provide access to images of foreign locations and ethnic or cultural people that may not be readily available in your specific location. Stock photography has become less expensive while offering higher quality images.

  • Animated Backgrounds/Scene Changes

    Motion, light, color or shapes can all add a subtle action to a presentation or a website graphic. Our creative team can output files to work in a variety of platforms.

  • Translations for Foreign Language

    Parlez-vous francais? We do — rather we work with people who do. We can help you translate your video and graphics in a variety of languages to increase use in global markets. We even know there’s a difference between France French and Canadian French!


    SnapLab Media: French-Canadian Subtitled Version

  • Duplication

    Now that you have this fantastic video, we can help with duplication services for DVD’s—even including designs imprinted on the disks and covers.