STEP 3: Post Production

  • Soundtrack

    Without the music, the movie “Jaws” would have been a bad day fishing. Sountracks are recorded music that accompanies and underscores the action of the video. A good soundtrack can give vitality to visually static images, can create an emotion and can add a professional dimension to your production. We can either license existing music or assist you in creating a custom track.

  • Animation

    Animation is the rapid display of a series of 2-D or 3-D images creating the illusion of movement. From logos to graphics, animation presents an interactive and dynamic way to communicate your information and keep the viewer engaged.

  • Voiceover

    Voiceovers are the narrator or presenter who is communicating the written information in your video. Whether you need a style that is educational, informative, authoritative or persuasive, a professional voice talent can bring you maximum impact and connect with your audience in seconds. Or you can use your CEO and bore them to death.

  • Using Existing Imagery

    We utilize stock or pre-existing footage for various backgrounds in order to convey a message. Custom photographs are also available when desired.

  • Rough Cut

    A rough cut is an edited version of your video that includes some music, sound effects, animation, voiceovers, video and much more. A rough cut is just prior to a final cut; at this stage we have the opportunity for feedback, revisions and minor additions. One thing we learned along the way: creating a bulk list of changes is more efficient than repeated small changes.

  • Final Cut

    Just as the name says, this is the final cut of your video. At this point you’ve approved a script, shooting schedule, visuals, graphics, presenters and we consider the video complete. Once approved, we begin duplication and distribution.

  • Distribution and Deliverables

    Today your video can play on a big screen at a trade show or in your hand on a smart phone. Depending on how your audience will view the video affects the final format. Let us help you by uploading your new video to your designated website or social media sites.

    • YouTube
    • Power Point
    • Vimeo
    • Facebook