STEP 2: Shooting

  • Studio

    There’s more than 20,000 sq. ft. of space in our three studios to give us complete control of lighting, sound, set design, wardrobe and casting. The expansive setting gives means we can shoot on a large sweep, background or green screen within one video production.

    We also have a lot of neat stuff that just makes life so much easier:

    • Studio trucks for pickup, delivery services and location production
    • Two large freight doors for easy loading and unloading w/ automobile access to all studios
    • Private dressing rooms with hair & make-up stations
    • Lounge area with comfortable seating
    • Rolling racks and teamers
    • Coffee bar and catering services


  • Location

    We’ve shot video dangling from an ice boat, perched on the top of a mammoth paper machine, even in the middle of rush hour traffic—no location is out of the question. But some can be more difficult than others and we’ll help you manage that.  Shooting on location brings realism to your video and gives the viewer a taste of your unique setting. From scouting to permitting, our team can take care of the details of location shooting.

    Consider this about location shoots:

    • More cost effective than constructing a large set
    • Provides a stronger illusion of reality
    • Show your audience who you are and where you “live”
    • Allows you to feel comfortable and confident in your own environment
    • Allows for weather specific scenes and imagery during any season
  • B-Roll

    B-Roll is supplemental footage intercut with the main shots in your video. For those of us who are old enough to remember black and white TV, the origins of the term come from film editing — and now it just sticks. B-roll can enhance the narration, add deeper meaning to a statement or even camouflage unwanted content such as coughs, sniffs, or long “um’s” in interviews. We can shoot “cover video” (that’s another old film term) on location, in the studio or create animated graphics.